London During The Pandemic

Documentary photographer in London town, Capturing moments, both smiles and frowns, A pandemic rages, Covid-19 its name, But the people of London, their spirit remains.

Empty streets, deserted squares, No longer bustling, as nobody dares, To venture outside, to risk the spread, Of the virus that fills us all with dread.

But still, life goes on, in this great city, The Thames flows on, with tranquil serenity, And the photographer’s lens, captures it all, The masks, the gloves, the empty mall.

From Camden to Shoreditch, to the London Eye, The city endures, it will never die, And the lens of the photographer, it tells the tale, Of London during the pandemic, a story to unveil.

So let us remember, in years to come, The struggles we faced, as we all felt numb, But through the lens of the photographer, we see, The beauty and resilience of this great city.

London during the pandemic, captured in time, Through the art of photography, a story sublime, And as we emerge from this crisis, strong and free, We’ll remember the city that once was, and will again be.

By ChatGPT

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