Breastfeeding in Public

Stillen in der Öffentlichkeit

When you see a mother feeding her child fruit or a sandwich on the street do you feel strange, does it make you upset somehow? Most probably not. So why in the 21st century are we still failing to make mothers feel comfortable when it comes to breastfeeding? A lot of businesses still don’t allow breastfeeding on their premises.

Through this project I wanted to photograph brave mothers breastfeeding their babies in public, with the exception of Steffi. At kindergarten her daughter got a strange reaction when she said she was still being breastfed. Steffi feels insecure and wants to protect her child, that’s why she wanted to be photographed indoors.

A big thank you to all the mothers, especially to Anja Lehnertz.

Participants: Anja, Cindy, Saskia, Sofia, Teresa, Julia, Steffi, Oli and their little ones.

Saskia, Shuvaseesh Das
Julia, Shuvaseesh Das
Sofia, Shuvaseesh Das
Teresa, Shuvaseesh Das

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