In the beginning Angel was not aware that he was a she. She grew up with a single mother. Her parents divorced when she was about one year old. Her mother was busy being a teenager, so the grandmother took her into her place. At some point, Angel decided to move back in with her mother. Angel’s mother had a new boyfriend by then, and they had a baby together. Angel loved her younger brother. After a few years, her mother broke up with her new partner and blamed Angel for this.

Angel, Shuvaseesh Das

Angel became homeless and started living with a friend. In about six months’ time, she moves back in with her mother, but her mother decided to move out with her new boyfriend. Angel was only seventeen years old. No money, no job, so Angel decided to sell herself for money but only for a short period of time until she came to realize her body is a temple.

Angel, Shuvaseesh Das

Her mother’s relationship did not last long as it turned out that her new boyfriend was very abusive; he even pulled a gun on her mother once.

Angel met another loving boy and almost immediately fell in love with him. His family embraced her with love and care. She moved in with him and his family. This was a huge transition for her because she has never experienced a family environment before. She was surrounded by her boyfriend’s grandmother and the rest of his family. She started working as a pool dancer, followed by a drag queen at a venue. Angel started taking drugs behind her boyfriend’s back. Her boyfriend did not approve, and they broke up. They tried their best to make this relationship work, but when the heart is broken, things do not work out as planned. After seven years, they broke up.

Angel thinks men are often compared to the sun and females are compared to the moon. Sun is a symbol of muscularity and power. The moon is a symbol of femininity. Angel wanted to be the best of both and came to realize she is not a male; she wants to be a female.

Angel had a new boyfriend in London, but it did not last long as he also wanted to go through a gender change also. He thanked Angel for helping him came to realize who he is.

Angel is going through a hormone treatment that is painful sometimes because her body is changing, her skin becoming softer, her nipples hurt because her breast is growing, and occasional mood swings. She also went to laser hair removal. Her sexual desires and emotional demand for love are growing. In her opinion, she is also experiencing period-related issues such as awake up in the morning crying, feeling sad.

She needs to change her hormone patches twice a week. When she gets closer to the changing time, she becomes very emotional due to the lack of Estrogen in her body. Changing gender is a long process. Angela does not intend to undergo medical surgeries but wishes to live permanently in a female gender from her gender at birth, which means she will have to take her pills for her life. At first, she started buying illegal hormone pills online. When she went see a doctor, the doctor took charge almost immediately, and the whole transition process began.

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